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Best Time to Visit
Summer Season in Haridwar: March to June
Winter Season in Haridwar: October to February
Monsoon Season in Haridwar: July to September

About Day Visit

Chilla Safari Zone is the most famous safari track in Rajaji National Park, In which tourists take a safari of about 36 kilometres. The Wildlife in the Chilla Range is also great due to the variety of habitats. Tourists can spot Tigers, Leopards as well as Elephants, Spotted Deer, Sambhar Deer, Barking Deer, Wild Boar. Chilla is very good for Birds, here 3 species of Hornbill, 9 species of Woodpecker, 5 species of Barbet, 4 species of Kingfisher and more than 150 different types of bird species can be easily seen if accompanied by an expert guide So along with birds, you can also see King Cobra Python and Monitor Lizard here.

How to Reach

Tourists can enjoy a wildlife safari to Chilla Range by taking and Jeep safari. All gates are well connected by road and visitors can book a Safari from chilla gate office of Park authorities of Rajaji National Park.

By Road
Jolly Grant to Chilla - 40 KM
Dehradun to Chilla - 55 KM
Delhi to Chilla - 224 KM
Distance from Other Places
Delhi to Chilla Range distance - 224 via NH 334
By Train
Nearest Railway Station from Chilla is Haridwar. (The distance from Railway Station from Chilla is 5 Kms)
By Air
Nearest Airport from Chilla is Dehradun. (The distance from Dehradun to kotdwar is 40 Kms)
How to Book Permit

Chilla FRH is situated in the main tourism zone. it may be assessed from Haridwar on the National Highway 58 just after the long bridge on the Ganga from Chandi Gate. It is double store FRH built in 1883. It has 2 suites (double), a drawing-cum-dining room on the ground floor and one suite on the top floor. Electricity and water are available round the clock. Besides the old FRH 2 suites are available at the Chilla Annexe adjacent to the FRH. The visitor may get tea, food etc from canteen operated by the Eco-development committee.


Rajaji Tiger Reserve remains open for tourists from 15th November to 15th June.

Rajaji Tiger Reserve remains open for tourists from 15th November to 15th June.

jeep Safari is available in the Morning and Evening hours
How to Book Permit for Day Visit:

1.Select Date to visit from the calender
2.Select Zone From Given List
3.Select Shift(Morning/Evening)
4.Now Enter the Details of Visitors along With Group Leader
8.Make Payment
9.Day Visit Ticket Will be Booked
10.Print the Permit..

Safari Entry Timing
Morning : 6 Am to 10 Am
Evening : 2 Pm to 6 Pm

The Chilla Range of Rajaji Tiger Reserve remains open for tourists from 15th October to 15th June.

Chilla Range remains closed for Day Visit from 16st June to 14th October.

Safari Zones
Chaurasi Kutiya

84 Kutiya literally means 84 huts. 84 is a number that represents the base numeral of the number of species we believe to exist on this earth 84,00,000.


Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary sprawling over an area of 249 square km is nestled on the east banks of river Ganga.


Motichur Wildlife Sanctuary, which covers about 90 sq. km, was carved out of Dehradun forests in the year 1966.


Rajaji National Park is convered in tiger reserve park last 2017. It is situated in Haridwar Uttarakhand State of India. Raja ji national Park has total area of 820 square kms.


Mohand Tourism Zone is on the Delhi-Dunderhead National Highway 72A. A 13Km drive through Chillawali range to the Dholkhand FRH crossing Chillawali and Andheri rau is very interesting and assures sighting of Cheetal

ZoneEntry India/SaarcEntry Foreigner Vehicle India/SaarcVehicle Foreigner
Chaurashi Kutia200.001200.000.000.00
Photography Camera Fee Indian Foreigner
Fixed/Movie Camera (non Commercial) No Fee No Fee
Movie Camera/video (Commercial) 500/ 1500/-
Filming Fee (per day)
Feature Film 100000/- 200000/-
Documentary Film 10000/- 30000/-
Security Money (Refundable) per film
Feature Film 100000/- 200000/-
Documentary Film 50,000/- 100,000/-
Ramganga Conducted Tour (per person) 1000/- + GST 2000/- + GST
The amount of rate chargeable under G. S. T. are as follows:
Charge Amount Rate
Below Rs. 1000/- Nill
Rs. 1000 to 2499 12%
Rs. 2500 to 7499 18%
Rs. 7500 to above 22%
Do and Don't
  • Please enter the Park only after taking the necessary permits and follow all the rules.
  • Please obtain services of Nature Guides that the Park has trained for your benefit. They are of great help to you in spotting wildlife and ensuring that you do not lose your way in the forest.
  • Drive slowly in the Park. In this way you can see, observe and enjoy the most, without disturbing wildlife.
  • Keep to the specified roads and trails. Driving off track you may trample growing trees and cause disturbance to resting animals and their young.
  • Respect the wild animals and maintain a safe distance from them. Remember, you are in their home and they get first priority.
  • Listen to the music of the forest instead of your car stereo or transistor. The quieter you are, the more the chances of your seeing wildlife. Wear dull-colored clothes. Bright colors alarm most wild animals and they flee.
  • Don’t carry guns. Feel free to shoot with a camera instead.
  • Do not smoke or light campfires in the forest. Accidental fires can destroy this wonderful jungle in no time.
  • Don’t get off your vehicle at any point in the Park except where it’s allowed. This is for your own safety and the safety of wildlife.
  • The Park is not a zoo; so don’t expect to see wildlife everywhere. Rajaji is breathtaking even in its scenery.
  • Do not be disappointed if you don’t see a tiger. There are many other interesting creatures that are to be seen and cherished.
  • Having alcohol and non vegetarian food is not allowed.
  • Help keep the park pollution-free. While inside the park, please put your entire non-biodegradable litter (tin cans, plastic, glass bottles, metal foils etc.) into the bag provided and dispose of it on your way out.